You guys I’m not even kidding when I say EASY. I’ll even go as far as to call this a “5 minute craft” because, well, it really does only take 5 minutes- not counting the time you spend out getting the supplies! These turned out so incredibly adorable and you can even take them a step further and paint the tops red but who are we kidding. I’m a Momma. A working Momma. I don’t get much sleep. Momma tired 😴. There are so many versions you can do with these and I think the small ones make great little gifts, especially teacher gifts! image

I purchased all of my supplies at Wal-Mart. Everything but the jars were found all in the same aisle which made it super easy to grab everything quickly! If you go over to the Christmas section, there was a whole aisle or 2 dedicated to the Christmas village scenes. It was all so inexpensive! I started by picking out my trees. The loose ones were $1/each and they also have these packs for $7.96 which is a great deal.

Then I picked a few simple scenery pieces. I thought the snowmen would be cute for the smaller jars for my boys and I grabbed a couple of the signs. Then I went over to the jar/canister aisle and picked what I wanted. I grabbed that big canister with the nice lid to make a larger scene and the smaller jars for the boys globes and for gifts. imageFirst thing you want to do is set your scenery in place and play around with it until you see how you want to position your trees. Then take them out. imageOne by one, hot glue them into place.

Then choose your scenery details. I put the signs in one and the snowmen in the others.


Then pour in your fake snow. And you’re done! That’s seriously it!

Stand back and admire your new creations! Then laugh at how fast it was 😉 From simple to more complex, the combinations and possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to see what y’all create- be sure to share this easy tutorial!

Thanks for following along and I’ll see y’all again soon!

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