Channel Your Inner Boho Rockstar


I kept seeing these adorable head wraps or ‘bandeaus’ as they are often called, and kept thinking, “Man, how can I pull that look off?” Well, with a bit of playing around, and stepping out of my comfort zone of my basic boring look, I was able to make it work! At least, in my head it looks ok to me 😉 The black and cream tribal print bandeau and the blue floral print are from The Mud Honey’s boutique and I also found some easy ways to make your own! Keep scrolling to see how you can find your own patterns and colors and easily make some for yourself and a friend or 2 🙂

I’m really loving these lately! One of the ways you can wear some of these, is as a bandeau top or “bra”. I am too endowed in the chest area for this option- believe me, I tried. So, on those extra wide ones made for this option, you can just cut it in half and share with a friend!

If you want to make your own, you can do it very easily WITHOUT ANY SEWING SKILLS NEEDED! Simply pick out a fabric you like and cut to the length you need that will allow you to tie it. The soft peach mesh fabric was so cute and I found it at Wal-Mart for $2/yard and I only needed 1/4 yard.

You can also take any old clothes such as T-shirts or dresses that you like the pattern on and do the same! I found this adorable patterned little girls dress on clearance for about $3 and cut it into 3 wraps to share with friends!

You can also make one with your favorite sports team! I made my Louisville Cardinal wrap from a baby onesie because it was the perfect size. Great way to keep your ears warm tailgating too!

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